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FinkBonder® Resistance Bonding Test Station

The FinkBonder® resistance bonding circuit, factory installed in Cott's BigFink® electrical enclosure, is a field proven versatile and inexpensive method for reducing or eliminating stray current interference from cathodic protection installations. Made by Cott Manufacturing company and readily available worldwide from Cott distributors, FinkBonder® resistance bond circuits are custom designed to combat stray currents at:
- Foreign pipeline crossings.
- Deep production or storage well and gathering system interface.
- Direct current transit, mining or industrial sites.
- High voltage D.C. transmission systems.
- Foreign pipeline/CP anode ground bed junctions.

The BigFink® enclosure is molded of Lexan®, one of the world's toughest plastics - protects resistors, shunts, meters and other circuit components from accidental damage or environmental attack. (Perfect for H2S or seawater exposure.)
- Four times the impact strength of aluminum.
- One-half the weight of aluminum.
- One-eight the weight of steel.
- Will not rust, corrode, shock, shatter, peel or absorb heat.
- Maintenance free - no painting.
- Has dimensional and electrical stability from -60 degrees F. to +250 degrees F.
- Stable under ultraviolet attack.
- Non-metallic design greatly reduces shock hazard.
- Available in your choice of colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white and black - color stabilized against ultraviolet attack.

- All Fink® resistance bond enclosures can be mounted on 3", 2", 1-1/4" or 3/4" CotPipe® or on specially designed Cott brackets (304 stainless or PVC fluidized bed coated carbon steel) that mount to any flange, wall or post.
- Compact design (3"x5") is perfect for restricted space applications.
- Mounting brackets are predrilled for lead wire access - all holes have grommets - self-contained shield prevents insect infestation.

- Each custom designed factory assembled circuit is fully tested and ready for installation (over 50 standard models available).
- Electrical connections are all hard soldered.
- Calibrated heat sinks installed during assembly.
- All hardware and connectors are nickel plated brass for long service life.
- Conforms to NEMA specifications. Can be ordered with an integral locking device.

Fink® Enclosures: Lexan®
Machine screws, washers, hexnuts and wire connectors - nickel plated brass (stainless steel optional).

Mounting Brackets - PVC fluid bed coated, carbon steel (304 stainless steel optional).
CottPipe® Ultraviolet stabilized high density polyethylene available in a variety of colors to match Fink® enclosures.