The Flange Fink® cathodic protection test station is a special version of the widely used 5 to 11 lead BigFink® or the 2 to 3 lead LittleFink® test station. Both models are designed to be easily mounted on a pipe flange or vault wall. Made by Cott Manufacturing Co. and readily available from distributors worldwide, the FlangeFink® test stations provide all the convenience, ruggedness and safety of both standard Fink® test stations. The FlangeFink® test stations are made of high impact strength, non-conductive Lexan®. Both may be used to house resistance bonding hardware or as a terminal for test leads to read:

  • Underground structure-to-soil potentials.
  • Cathodic protection anode currents.
  • The resistive integrity of insulation flanges and joints.
  • The integrity of insulation between all types of underground metallic structures, such as between a carrier and its casing.
  • Stray currents on all types of underground structures.

Flange Fink Test Station

Test Station Color