The ZapGard® cathodic protection test station is a 5 to 10 lead version of the widely used BigFink® station, PLUS the unique shock guard to protect personnel from accidental contact with the electrical terminals AND banana plug terminals for all test leads. Made by Cott Manufacturing Co. and readily available from distributors worldwide, the ZapGard® test station provides all the ruggedness of the BigFink® station plus the safety features of the ZapGard® and the convenience of banana plug terminals. The ZapGard® test station is made of high impact strength, non-conductive Lexan®. It may be used as a terminal for test leads to read:

  • Underground structure-to-soil potentials.
  • Cathodic protection anode currents.
  • The resistive integrity of insulation flanges and joints.
  • The integrity of insulation between all types of underground metallic structures, such as between a carrier and its casing.
  • Stray currents on all types of underground structures.

Zapguard Test Station